Ask a Scientist: What if I want to swim with...Rays?

In this new series I write about different animal encounters and what you can do to make it a safe and enjoyable experience for you and the animal(s) involved...

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The Doctor's (not) in (yet): How do I find my topic?

A question any postgrad student will come across at some stage.


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Ask a Scientist: What you REALLY should do when you’re encountering an Orca

Encountered an Orca in its natural habitat lately and didn't know what to do? Look no further ;)

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Writing Retreats - Getting away in the name of Science

Writing Retreats are an amazing way to get stuff done. And show me a single researcher who is not into this ;)

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Drawing for Science

Exciting times ahead!

Currently I'm preparing scientific illustrations that will be used for a topical book chapter on in-water interactions with wild killer whales! Who said research and art are mutually exclusive!? ;)

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We're online!!!

Haere Mai, welcome to the new topical website on the marine wildlife experience!

Take a look and enjoy! :)

This is the research blog which will deal with marine wildlife tourism research and the life (its up's and down's ;) of a PhD student in the field.

You can also follow us on Instagram! @marinewildlifetourism

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